We hold  guidance sessions for teaching spoken English. We have devised our own methods and compiled our own study material and content. We adopt a methodology which is 100% result oriented and is easy to follow. We believe that stressing the mind does not produce results. As such, we have carried out intensive research in the domain of teaching spoken English. The students learn faster and better when they enjoy the process of learning

We go by the maxim

            What you do grudgingly becomes work,

            What you do willingly becomes play!

We love to be innovative and give ample opportunities to each and every student to interact freely in English. At times, we also like to involve our students in games and self growth activities and also encourage them to showcase their respective individual talents.


Another area that fascinates us is the realm of human mind. The human mind is endowed with amazing creative capacity. It is ironical to note that despite so much progress in communication technology and innovation in the field of education, a vast majority of mankind is oblivious to this area of study. It is our belief that every human being has immense potential which can be brought to the fore with right guidance.

We hold special sessions with our regular students with a view to encourage them to harness the latent potential within them. We help our students identify their weaknesses and overcome them and to utilize their inherent strengths to the optimum. Our approach in this respect is both scientific and spiritual.

Since we have achieved significant success with the student community, we now feel ourselves well prepared to extend our horizons and reach out to the public at large. We  conduct sessions as well as conduct seminars to this end.


Yet another field where we are actively engaged is event production. We enjoy being innovative and as such we devise and design various fun and educational activities which involve mass participation. We like to spread an aura of fun ‘n’ excitement around us.       

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